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CLEAR Pedicab Brand Campaign SXSW 2019

CLEAR and Austin Pedicab teamed up for Pedicab Brand Campaign during SXSW 2019. CLEAR is a service that allows its subscribers to skip the lines at the airport. Their goal was to promote the usage of their service in Austin Bergstrom International Airport. 

CLEAR wanted to have our drivers hand out promotional materials that would leave a lasting impression on passengers. In past Brand Campaigns, Sponsors have used an assortment of promotional materials (misters, koozies, bracelets, etc). However, in our experience, people will hold onto items that they absolutely need. During SXSW (and ACL Fest), people need sunglasses. Together Austin Pedicab and CLEAR built a highly impressionable Campaign.

For the Ads, CLEAR opted for the Full Wrap option. They actually took it a step further and used a chameleon blue material that changed from purple-to-blue-to-green. The drivers were also Branded with T-shirts. 

For the Campaign, CLEAR had the Austin Pedicab Drivers give free rides to festival-goers during SXSW 2019. Additionally, the drivers delivered a branded message about CLEAR and handed out sunglasses to all passengers. Each pair of sunglasses were in a box that had a promotional code for 3 free month of CLEAR service.

In order to help track the efficacy of the Brand Campaign, the Pedicab Drivers took pictures with most of their passengers sporting the sunglasses.

Today, I have both CLEAR and TSA Pre-check and it makes going through the airport a breeze.

CAPTION Aliens do exist CAPTION Morgan handing out sunglasses to his passengers CAPTION What a shot on the new 2nd Street Bridge CAPTION Every got CLEAR sunglasses during SXSW 2019