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Hiball did a Brand Campaign for ACL Fest 2019

During ACL Fest 2019, M2W, Inc teamed up with Austin Pedicab to do Brand Campaign for Hiball Energy. M2W had been doing several street team campaigns for Hiball leading up to ACL Fest, and they wanted to end it with a bang by finishing with a Pedicab Brand Campaign.

For the Brand Campaign, the Austin Pedicab Drivers gave free rides and handed out ice cold Hiball Energy to their passengers. Additionally, they paired up with the Hiball street team to make the both campaigns as effective as possible.

Hiball Energy and M2W chose to brand the pedicabs with Full Wraps. The Ads feature the grapefruit flavored Hiball. Orange is a great color to use with any campaign, especially when the Texas sun shines on it.

Anyways, I think several of us are hooked on Hiball, now...

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CAPTION CLEAR Gabe giving some peeps a PEACEFUL ride to ACL CAPTION Free Rides & Free Hiball CAPTION The Crew about the start the Campaign CAPTION Look at Woody go!!