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This is something we get contracted to do ALL the time. Conventions and conferences happen in Austin constantly and the organizers call upon us to do something special for their clients, employees, and other guests by providing pedicab service. We provide two basic types of service:

  1. Single Destination Rides - This service is perfect for when all of your guests are needing to leave at the same time. The drivers will be outside of the pickup location ready to take your guests to the destination. In Austin, we are allowed to take a maximum of 3 passengers in each pedicab. However, with Corporate Events we recommend that everybody ride in twos. Imagine 50 pedicabs transporting 100 our your guests through the streets of Austin. How impressive.
  2. Chartered Ride Service - This service is most optimal when your guests are going to be departing over a period of time. With this service, our Pedicab Drivers will take as many rides as they can within periods of an hour or longer. This ends up being a very economical option, as well.
  • Pedicab Branding - This is a premium add-on. With this option you can buy the Branding Space on the Pedicab. You can opt for all of the Ad Space, with Full Wraps or Panel Ads, or you can simple go with Side Panels. 
  • Branding the Drivers with Attire - With this additional option, you can have the Pedicab Drivers wear your Branded Attire. This is usually in the form of T-shirts, but you can go all out and have them wear other pieces of attire like socks and hats, as well. 

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