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New website!!

 It has been a long time coming. But it's finally here. I joked on Instagram that I feel like the Axl Rose of website building. Guns & Roses took an exorbitantly long time to release Chinese Democracy. It has taken me nearly 5 years to put a new website up. It took me WAAAAAYYY too long to wait to release this "album." But it's finally here!!

 The UX Design was done by Andrea St. Clair. The web development was done by Austin Matherne. FUN FACT: Austin was the developer of the old website. It was actually his school project. But, it served it's purpose. And now, we move into the future!! EVEN MORE FUN FACT: Austin used to be a pedicab driver for Austin Pedicab. If you recall walking through Downtown Austin hearing that pedicab driver that used to blast 90s Era Hip Hop and R&B... that was Austin ("thiiis iiiis how weee doo iiit").

 Even still, this just a shell of what it is to become. Austin insisted that the website be a Shopify website so that we can sell services and merchandise, and update/change it with ease. Eventually, you will be able to purchase Tours, Wedding Pedicabs, and Chartered Ride Service for Corporate Events. And T-shirts...well, more on that later.

Thanks for stopping by!!