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New Logo

We got a new logo!! The logo was designed by Fabian Puente. Fabian is local artist and drummer for the band Big Coat. He does our social media during ACL Fest and SXSW. He has been familiar with our brand for quite some time, so he was an excellent artist to create our logo.

We really like the logo, because it can be easily make into a patch to put on hats and work shirts. Two alternate (and simpler) versions are below. Fabian and Austin Pedicab are in talks to make merch that will be for sale on this website. The image on the bottom left was something Fabian drew for our Instagram Account during SXSW 2019. I have since been dreaming about this as a t-shirt. The image on the bottom right was drawn by Fabian for our Instagram Account for ACL Fest 2019. 

CAPTION The Full Logo CAPTION Alternate Logo CAPTION Fabian drew this for SXSW 2019 CAPTION Fabian drew this for ACL Fest 2019