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City Tour

We offer Tours of Austin. All of our Pedicabs are motorized, so we can cover a large area in a short period of time. Our Pedicabs can go where cars cannot and can travel faster than most bicycles.

With the City Tour, the driver will cater the Tour to your interests, whether it be history, good restaurants and bars, and/or local attractions. This is a perfect option if you would like to take pictures to capture your adventures for your Social Media and your memories. 

The price is based off of how many Pedicabs you reserve. Each Pedicab is $45/half hour. The maximum capacity is 3 passengers, but children 6 years old and under don't count towards this limit and can sit on the lap of another passenger.

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CAPTION Half-hour - $45/Pedicab CAPTION 1 Hour - $90/Pedicab CAPTION 1 & 1/2 Hours - $135/Pedicab CAPTION 2 Hours - $180/Pedicab CAPTION 2 & 1/2 Hours - $225/Pedicab CAPTION 3 Hours - $270/Pedicab