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Austin Pedicab

KMC Z7 7-speed Chain (1/2"x3/32")

KMC Z7 7-speed Chain (1/2"x3/32")

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What is it? This is the front chain we use on all of the pedicabs in our fleet. This is a newer product from KMC (it replaced the KMC Z50). This comes with 116 links and it features inner plate chamfering. For cyclists, this chain can be used on road and mountain bikes.

Why we love it?  KMC makes great chains! It can be installed and repaired with the Park Tool CT-3 Chain Breaker. 

Pro Tip!  Make sure to keep it lubed with Tri-Flow, and check the wear with this Chain Checker. Replacing these chains when they become stretched will extend the life of the drivetrain.

What are the options?  This chain is grey/brown.

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