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Austin Pedicab

Out of Town Wedding

Out of Town Wedding

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We do Weddings outside of Downtown Austin!! These do require additional transportation charges, because it will either take the driver extra time to get to the Wedding Venue and back, or we will have to transport the pedicab on a truck to the location. If your Wedding is:

  • North of the University of Texas campus on the North Side;
  • South of the Highway 71 on the South Side;
  • East of Springdale Rd on the East Side;
  • West of Mopac (Loop 1) on the West Side;

....then, book this option. The regular options could be at a higher price as well if the venue is a far distance for the driver to travel to or if the Wedding Exit occurs during a special event.

NOTE: The listed price is the cost for a Wedding Pedicab without decorations, and for a booking that incurs the equivalent of one extra hour for transportation. Upgrading to one of the decoration packages, or for a distance that is even further from Downtown Austin will cost more.

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