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Austin Pedicab

1" Axle Collar (Double Split)

1" Axle Collar (Double Split)

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What is it?  These are shaft collars that attach to the rear axle of the pedicab. They have a 1" inner diameter and are 2 halves joined by 2 screws. The screws are tightened with a 3/16 hex key.

Why we love it?  We had a recent "eureka!" moment where we found that these can prevent the rear axle from shifting. Affix these right next to each of the bearing collars on the axle. Also, if a Pedicab is equipped with a Cyclone System, the centrifugal force can push the brass bushing out of the rear differential case over time. Attaching these collars on the axle 1 mm from the outside of the differential case to prevent this bushing from escaping.

Pro Tip!  If you use the stock bearings, make sure you are still checking the tightness of the bearing set screws. Even if you have these collars installed, the bearings need to be affixed to the axle.

What are the options?  These are available in black oxide.

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