EST. 2015


Established in the aftermath of South by Southwest in 2015, Austin Pedicab Company was born from the vision of founders Adam Finton, Matthew Maschek, and Quinton Shelton.

While Adam and Quinton pursued new horizons, Matthew became the sole owner, steering Austin Pedicab toward new heights. What started with just three pedicabs swiftly grew into a thriving fleet. Today, we're proud to operate 48 pedicabs in Austin, Texas, and 26 more in Baton Rouge, with smaller operations in Chicago, Illinois, and Houston, Texas.

Over the years, Austin Pedicab Company has evolved into a specialist in Brand Campaigns, Corporate Events, Weddings, and Tours. Fueled by our passion for the city and our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, we're not just a mode of transportation – we're an integral part of Austin's vibrant culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many passengers can comfortably ride in one of our pedicabs?

Our pedicabs are designed to comfortably accommodate 2-3 passengers at a time. However, for optimal comfort, we recommend limiting it to two passengers. We prioritize your comfort and enjoyment throughout the journey!

Are dogs allowed to ride in the pedicab?

Absolutely! Well-behaved dogs are more than welcome to join you on our pedicab rides. We love furry passengers! Just ensure they are properly leashed and comfortable during the journey.