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Austin Pedicab

1" Axle Bearing

1" Axle Bearing

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What is it?  This is a 1" inner diameter insert axle bearing. This is the same type of bearing as the stock Mainstreet Pedicab axle bearing. The bearing is affixed to the axle via two set screws.

Why we love it?  These are easy to install, and quick to break in. An axle rebuild is time consuming. Having bearings that are easy to remove and install help to limit that amount time.

Pro Tip!  The axle tends to shift. To prevent this, attach axle collars next to the bearing collars. Also, make sure to keep the set screws tightened. You tighten these with a 1/8" hex key. Putting blue thread locker on the set screws can help keep them tight.

What are the options?  These are available in silver.

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