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Austin Pedicab

Neon LED "Just Married" Sign (37"x17")

Neon LED "Just Married" Sign (37"x17")

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This is a wall-mountable vintage-style neon LED "Just Married" sign. Regular neon signs are prone to breaking and require more power. Neon-style LED signs look identical, draw less power, and are more durable.

This sign is set in clear acrylic that is about 1 cm thick. It comes with the hardware to either hang it on the wall or mount it to the wall (holes are already pre-drilled on all 4 corners). Dimensions are 37 inches long by 17 inches tall. The sign is light-weight and flexible.

It is powered by a standard wall plug, and does not make a buzzing sound when powered on (unlike a classic neon sign). Included is a connector and remote controll that allows you to adjust the brightness. 

It has hardware that allows you to hang it on a wire (like a picture) and hardware that allows you to securely bolt it to a wall from all four corners.

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