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Austin Pedicab

Origin 8 Axle Spacers (1")

Origin 8 Axle Spacers (1")

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What is it?  Axle spacers are vital to protecting the threads of the rear axle of a pedicab. This is an assortment of ten 1" axle spacers (plenty for 1 pedicab). Each order gets four 2mm spacers, four 5mm spacers, and two 10mm spacers. For cyclists, these can serve as 1" headset spacers.

Why we love it?  It is important to correctly measure the space necessary to have the threads flush with the tip of the axle nut. Having an assortment of axle spacers makes this easy.

Pro Tip!  For safety, putting the smallest amount of space possible between the outside of the rear hub and the axle nut will limit the possibility of the axle nut scraping things.

What are the options?  These come in an assortment of black and silver

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