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Austin Pedicab

Origin 8 Track Cog (1/8"-20T) (20-tooth Mid Drive Cog)

Origin 8 Track Cog (1/8"-20T) (20-tooth Mid Drive Cog)

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What is it?  This is a 20-tooth track cog that we use for the mid drive (transfer hub/drive hub) of some of our pedicabs. For cyclists, this could be used for fixed-gear drivetrains.

Why we love it?  The stock Mainstreet mid drive uses an 18-tooth cog on the fixed-cog side. However, when a pedicab is motorized, especially with a cyclone system, a larger cog is required to get resistance at full speed. We have found that this 20-tooth cog that allows the driver to effectively pedal at top speed.

Pro Tip!  You can remove this with the Pedro's Vise Whip.

What are the options?  This track cog is available black.

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