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Austin Pedicab

Pig DH Pro Headset (1-1/8")

Pig DH Pro Headset (1-1/8")

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What is it?  This is a downhill mountain bike headset with sealed cartridge bearings. The stats on this are: size = 1-1/8", steerer OD = 28.6 mm, cup = 34 mm, race = 30 mm, stack height = 31 mm.

Why we love it?  This is a particularly robust headset. Replacing a headset can be a time-consuming process. The sealed cartridge bearings ensure a long life.

Pro Tip!  Make sure to tighten the headset as soon as it starts getting loose. Letting a loose headset go for too long can cause the head tube to oval.

What are the options?  This is available in black.

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