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Austin Pedicab

Sunlite Quick-release Seatpost Clamp (34.9)

Sunlite Quick-release Seatpost Clamp (34.9)

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What is it?  This is For cyclists, this seatpost clamp will fit a 34.9mm tube.

Why we love it?  This is an excellent option for our large fleet. We have many drivers that may drive different pedicabs throughout operations, making it efficient to have seatposts that are easily moved from one pedicab to another. Drivers will have preferences, and they will want to have their preferred style of saddle on whatever pedicab they are driving. We recommend using with this seatpost.

Pro Tip!  If you are having trouble firmly securing the seatpost with the stock Mainstreet setup, it could be that the seatpost tube has stretched out. This could be due to improper seatpost installation, and is common on Pedicabs that are over a decade old. If this is the case, don't use the old soda can hack. Size up the shim to this.

What are the options?  This is available in black.

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