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Austin Pedicab

Sunlite Seatpost Shim (31.6 mm to 27.2 mm)

Sunlite Seatpost Shim (31.6 mm to 27.2 mm)

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What is it?  This is a shim for seatpost that reduces the inner diameter of a seatpost tube from 31.6 mm to 27.2 mm. The stock shim used on Mainstreet Pedicabs spans 31.4 mm to 27.2 mm. Over time, the seatpost tube could widen making it difficult to firmly secure the seatpost. This seatpost shim spans a slightly wider gap to alleviate this problem.

Why we love it?  An old hack was to slip the outside of a soda can. This can SHRED your hand or anyone that touched the seatpost. Tightening the seatpost clamp down too much will damage it. This is a much more pro option.

Pro Tip!  Line up the slit in the seatpost shim with the slit in the seatpost tube for the best fit.

What are the options?  This is available in silver.

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